Denise Bayraktar

Teaching singing is an art as well as vocation – it can be challenging, but also one of the most creative and rewarding professions.
The following principles represent my teaching philosophy:

1. Positive thinking, coupled with an enthusiastic commitment to vocal discovery, is the best way to ensure progress, regardless of age or skill level. As your teacher, I maintain a positive, engaging studio environment in order to create a nurturing atmosphere in which each student is able to accept constructive criticism while becoming a disciplined student.

2. Each student is unique and is treated as such. I practice a holistic, flexible teaching style, one that caters to and recognizes the individual student’s learning style, personality, and vocal qualities.

3. Personalities and voices vary from singer to singer; my approach changes with each student in order to coax out the best in all individuals. Fundamental principles are applied to all voices, with the awareness that there are endless ways for individual students to achieve results.

4. I help each student build a solid foundation based on efficiency, coordination, flexibility, and natural sound production. This is second only to establishing and maintaining a good rapport with every one of my students.

5. I believe in fostering creativity and musicianship at the highest level in each student. Good technique and good musicianship are inseparable— they inform and enhance the other and instill confidence and self-reliance in each singer.

6. Create kinesthetic awareness and structural alignment based on concepts from the Alexander Technique, the Feldenkrais Method, yoga, and the Bel Canto Technique for vocalization. This assists students to perform at their optimum level.

7. Students leave each lesson feeling more confident, motivated, and vocally stronger after each lesson.